Photography Portfolio

My journey through my graphic design degree has introduced me to studio photography, giving me the opportunity to practice and refine lighting and other skills. Product photography and portraits have become my favourite types of studio photography over the years.

Alternatively, film photography has been a personal passion project of mine. The colours and candid moments that film captures can’t be compared to other photos. Film will always have a special place in my heart due to the magic feeling it brings and the special memories it has captured.

Black and White Portrain man smailing by Ashlee Kovachi
Haig Club Clubman Whiskey by Ashlee Kovachi 2022
Surfboard with wet footprints on film by Ashlee Kovachi
Product Photography Natural Materials Skoon Skincare by Ashlee Kovachi 2023
Skincare in use photography by Ashlee Kovachi 2023

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