Project Overview

The Harvest Hub is an opportunity for Milnerton Primary School to expand its learning opportunities beyond the classroom and build a greater sense of environmental stewardship in its learners from a young age. The creation of the vegetable garden for the school was initially to create more green spaces on the premises, but the potential of the garden to be incorporated into various subjects through creative learning activities has made the garden a valuable addition to the school.

Through research gathered from both teachers and learners, I discovered that the school’s community is enthusiastic about the development of their school through creative solutions. The learning opportunities that the garden will present stretch beyond the creative classroom activities, to offer the development of lifelong skills and a passion for environmental stewardship.

The learners’ vibrant energy and love for colours, which I gathered through the worksheet they completed, inspired me to create the full-colour logo as well as the line work version for other projects. The text in the logo is handwritten to best convey the playfulness and creativity that the garden will hopefully bring out in both the students and teachers.

The progress of the creation of the garden and the harvests will all be shared on social media to promote the school’s interest in sustainability and their contribution to promoting a love for the environment among their learners.

Garden Mock-Up >>

The visuals of the proposed garden where sketched up to visualise the final product.

<< Social Media Post

This is an example of how The Harvest Hub’s branding would be brought to life on social media.

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