Project Overview

This book was created for a project where a series of collectable mini storybooks would be found inside Nestle Cheerios cereal boxes.The books would reignite children’s love for reading by providing them with entertainment during mealtime. The stories are intended to create meaningful memories in the children’s lives by telling stories through quirky animals of lessons that are essential in life, such as morals and conflict resolution.

The easy to follow sentences and immersive imagery aims to captivate the young readers and provide them with a form of entertainment in the mornings that isn’t mindless games and scrolling on social media.

These storybooks are linked to the mobile app created in the campaign, where you can scan the QR code on the back of the book to add it to a digital library of stories. This digital aspect brings the illustrations to life and assists young ones with reading as we chose to work with technology rather than fight it.

Pages 9 to 16 >>

The ending of Ella’s story.

<< Pages 1 to 8

The start of Ella’s story.

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